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We are proud to say that immediately after discovering AcroYoga, we decided to bring it in Italy as we knew that people would love it.

In 2010 we started to spread this discipline in Italy from Yoga Festivals to Yoga centers with enthusiasm and dedication.

In 2016 finally we decided to start training teachers trough the method we have developed to give special emphasis to the yogic side in order to make the acrobatic part more easy to learn so that it can be intended as a tool for inner experiences.

We are now a growing gang of peace warriors who continues to practice and teach the art of flying soft :-)

But ... who are we?

Jacopo Ceccarelli - Yogendra

Jacopo Yogendra Ceccarelli

In my life I wanted to be a RockStar but something did not work, and in a moment of full existential crisis I discovered yoga and I can truly say it has changed me and continues to change my life.

I started to practice seriously in '92 and in '95 I attended my first official training with indian monks to become a Yoga and Meditation Teacher. Since then I have continued to train with different masters and after ten years of teaching in 2006 I became a trainer for a school in Milan.

In 2008 I founded Samadhi in Florence and I continued the adventure of Teacher Trainings which i still do with all my passion.

In 2009 I accidentally discovered AcroYoga and in Italy there were no teachers yet, I decided to go to America in order to be trained. I have thus become the first Italian Certified Teacher and I worked hard to spread it with all my energy. At first it was not easy because people thought AcroYoga was way too hard or looked at it as a practice which distorted the true meaning of Yoga. But I believed a lot in it's potential and in the end I was right: today also in Italy is becoming a viral phenomenon ;-)

Since 2010 then I teach AcroYoga in seminars, workshops and retreats to continue to share with the growing Italian community this fun and magical discipline. I love it because I've always been an athlete for twenty years in martial arts, snowboarding and other sports.

About AcroYoga I especially love the deep yogic part, the side that allows you to discover yourself by practicing with each other ina a magic synergy, with awareness and relaxed approach. I love to fly people and make them discover this playful and fun way of doing Yoga and then over time I specialized as a base.

I hope to fly with you sooner or later, but if you then go to lunch together do not be surprised of how I eat because I'm the most gluttony guy in the world!

Find out more about me on my personal website



laura thai massageLaura Mencherini - Samghiita

I am the President of Samadhi Ssd School of yoga and I teach Hatha Yoga and Prenatal Yoga.

In 2011 I became an AcroYoga teacher training in Greece with Jason and Jenny. Later I developed a greater passion for Thai Yoga Massage which led me to study directly in Thailand.

Currently I dedicate myself with passion to practice, teach and train people to become Thai Yoga Massage professionists, and prenatal Yoga teachers.

I manage the organization of seminars and teacher trainings of Samadhi and.

Activist for human rights and animals, I volunteer experiences in these areas, I am proudly vegan ;-)



Celeste Pandolfini

celeste pandolfini

I come to yoga, by accident. A discover which was not expected.

Volley ball athlete, librarian by profession, I begin to diligently practice Yoga as a student with Jacopo, who manages to transimit an endless curiosity and strong attraction for this science.

Now for me it takes very little to introduce yoga in everything of my life. Nutrition and lifestyle adapt quickly to the new guidelines. Thanks to the practice and meditation, I notice that body and mind have huge benefits. I can not avoid doing it.

I now want to make sure that more and more people can have the chance to experience Yoga, like me. And that's how I become an Integral Yoga Teacher! Complete the path (RYS 500) specializing in Anukalana Yoga.

In 2014 between laughter, tears and study, I earn my Kids Yoga diploma with Gianni Zollo. Later the same year I obtained a specialization in Prenatal Yoga with Laura Mencherini.

In 2016 I become a certified teacher of Aerial Yoga (Yoga in Volo).

2016 was also the year when, thanks to a deep passion for AcroYoga, I become a teacher of AcroYoga Anukalana Inspired.

Now I teach Hatha Yoga with great gratitude, Anukalana Yoga, Vinyasa Yoga, Aerial Yoga and AcroYoga at the Samadhi Yoga Studio in Florence.

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