AcroYoga Retreats & Immersions

AcroYoga Retreat ritiro

Immersions and retreats are perfect opportunities to learn AcroYoga.

prossimi seminari acroyoga

Our events are organized in a way that allow the participants to proceed from the level of practice they are.

For beginners the program include basic principles and foundations of AcroYoga: basic poses, basic transitions, propedeutic exercises. Here you can learn the first sequences.

For intermediate students: this is the space were you build up long sequences for the acrobatic and theraputic flight. In the Immersions and retreats you will move from the intermediate to the advanced level. Due to the study of intermediate to advanced principles and techniques, you can take a long step forward (actually upward) renewing your passion for the practice. 

Advanced pratitioners: here will have the opportunity to explore very advanced material. This is the space were you will learn difficult poses, transitions and sequences. With the solid foundation you acheived before, now you can find easy to move in the advanced space in an effortless way. This is what we aim to practice here: effortless and deep flight.

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