Pre-requisites for the admission at the training

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Regarding the prerequisites for admission to the course, we want to share here  our point of view:

Everyone should have the right to attend a training course. Some people in fact do so for personal growth and are not interested  in teaching.

Trainings like these, in fact, are great opportunities to grow, improve your skills, deepen the theoretical basis.

Once,  in an interview on the radio, I heard a professor say:

"The university should be a place for everyone, with no entrance exams or similar barriers and teaching should be done in such a way as to make a natural selection, not painful or frustrating, but structured to help students understand if that topic is really for them and, at least, even if they abandon it, to be able to feel that they are still greatly enriched. "

Well, this is precisely the spirit with which we offer this training ...

The required prerequisites  should not block your desire to participate, but, instead, make you feel the desire to deepen the practice and theory of AcroYoga. Waht is necessary is that you  arrive at the training  with the bare minimum knowledge that enables you to take the most out of this course, have fun, learn intermediate and advanced positions and transitions and enjoy it fully.

For those who want to teach, here’s what counts more than the prerequisites:

• The teaching practice (Internship) during the course by which we will evaluate  your strength points and where you can improve,

• The group of work in which you will develop sequences and teaching materials for your classes where we will see the technical knowledge that can be acquired better and the concepts that you need to understand more deeply,

• The attitude with which you face the training:  we would like to see  sharing, mutual listening, humility and transparency and not competition,  arrogance, or snob the less talented or gifted,

• Theough the final exam  we will check together if you have assimilated all the knowledge you need to start teaching or if you need more of it and how to pursue the lacking skills.


On these premises we will be able to evaluate together if, once the training is completed, you have acquired the minimum requirements to teach in a safe, satisfactory  way to students,  nourishing  the growing community of acroyogis.

Before giving you the degree we will check what you need to acquire more and we will do our best to help you successfully achieve your goal. And of course this does not mean that you will have to attend other courses spending more money, absolutely not! If you are not still able to teach properly, we will take our responsibility and will help you to complete your journey by putting at your disposal all our instruments. You can, for example, take part for free in other seminars  to spend time togheter and study.

Some, we know ... they will fail on purpose for it! ;-)


So, let's see in detail what you need:

To be a Yoga Instructor with at least 200 hours training acquired in a well-made course (you shoukd know if the course was good ...). If you have more than 200 hrs it’s even better ! We do not need your training course to be recognized by  particular institutions like YogaAlliance, CSEN, UISP, etc.. What you need is to know  Yoga as it represents the most  important foundation of this training and we take for granted that you know what we mean when we mention, for example, typical Yoga techniques or Sanskrit names of key positions. Also, we will do meditation every morning and this will be a mandatory practice ... so if you have not practiced yoga integrally you’ll have to work hard to follow.

AcroYoga: Having attended seminars, workshops and regular classes for at least a total of 50 hours taught by Certified Teachers. Inevitably you must have already learned to practice the positions and fundamental transitions of Yoga,  Acrobatics  and Theraoeutic Flight. If you arrive at the course and you can not hold these positions it twill hard for you to follow and you'll always feel behind schedule. So, in short, we'll publish some videos on these pages so you can see the positions and transitions you should already be able to practice (as a base or flyer).

Acrobatics: Having attended at least 16 hours of training (usually a weekend) a course or Acrobatic Gymnastics. Basically you want to come to the course with the ability to do the chart wheel, somersaults on the ground, handstand at the wall. Even if you can’t perform them perfectly it’s ok, but if you attend the training without having practiced them ... you'll feel it again behind schedule. We will work togheter on acrobatics to make you improve.

  • Thai Yoga Massage: Having attended a basic course (at least 16 hrs) of Thai Massage. It is necessary for the  therapeutic part of the training. Realistically speaking it is not necesssary that you to know how to give long Thai massage sequences or to be acquainted with too many maneuvers. We need you to know how to put hands on the person and how to touch a body without causing pain, etc. We want you to become able  to practice a simple massage to the limbs, and to  know how to get your hands properly on shoulders and back. Here too, we will refine togheter when it is needed.


Now ask yourself a few things:

•  "I'm afraid that there will be students on avery basic level who will slow down and lower the level of the training" If you feel this maybe the course really is not your thing ... everyone is good at something .. indeed special! Thinking of being better than others makes you  loose a lot of opportunities. The less experienced people in a course are your best opportunity to become a good teacher and tutor (because you can learn how to help them evolve and improve), and on the human level  you learn to develop patience, compassion and humility. Qualities that once acquired will make you a Teacher above the lines.


• "I'm afraid that there are very advanced students and maybe the training is too hard for me" If you feel this maybe you've been led to think that the AcroYoga is something for superior people ...  better than you. No!  AcroYoga is really for everybody and we would like you to spread it with love and enthusiasm once you’ve become a Teacher. So if the course should be difficult in some ways it will be so because we have structured it to bring out the best of yourself  as a person who will act as guide for others and absolutely not because there are difficult practical things to do! Our method is based precisely on making easy and light what appears as difficult.


What to do now?

Get to work to acquire these requirements, remembering that it is not the amount of hours you accumulate in the classroom that counts but how you’ll grow what you have learned! If you organize a seminar of Thai Massage, it is not hours of training that enable you to convey relaxation and deep release but the hours you dedicate to massaging your whole entourage of friends and family with love :-)

 Go for it and see you at the training

P.S. In the meantime, try to determine whether you are more naturally inclined to practice as Base or Flyer ;-)

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