AcroYoga Immersion in Tuscany

From Friday 21 April 2017 -  15:00
To Tuesday 25 April 2017 - 18:00



Five days of full immersion in the practice of AcroYoga

with the Anukalana Inspired approach to learn, refine your skills

and discover the secrets of the  "Effortless Flight"

This is a retreat for those who wish to learn, deepen and refine the practice of AcroYoga through a full immersion in the company of passionate and enthusiastic people discovering the most innovative secrets of this discipline in a beautiful and engaging context.

The immersion is a kind of retreat where you can entirelydevote yourself to the practice of AcroYoga withdrawing from the rest of the world in order to study in a relaxed environment away from distractions and sources of stress. You can partcipare to the entire immersion or just a to part of it.

 The focus in this retreat will be:

Connection: synergy e sincronicity on board

acroyoga connections

In these days we will explore the way in which this practice can really be so yogic and make you fly very deep! We will study wonderfull transitions and poses to enhance the love for the practice

After this Immersion your practice will be much more precise and practicing AcroYoga will be even more fun thanks to all the details we will you reveal day after day.

This immersion will grant you the pre-requisites to succesfully participate to the AcroYoga Teacher Training


What kind of experience is requested in order to be able to attend?

Thanks to the presence of many teachers you will be able to be followed according to your level of practice and experience. In particular, the immersion is an opportunity where you can take your practice up from level to level, then:

If this is your first experience you will be introduced to all the foundations and the basic principles of the practice
If you already have a basic practice you will learn the elements that take you to the nex intermediate level
If you already are at the intermediate level will discover the techniques to reach the advanced level

And so on...

The beauty of the Anukalana Inspired approach to AcroYoga is the "C.A.L.M." method:  a didactic approach that it progresses in a constant and clean flow from level to level covering the principles in a special order.

The development of this method was a challenge for us; in fact, after an initial phase during which the AcroYoga practice became popular in Italy thanks to the growing curiosity about the acrobatics amongst many fans of Yoga or other body related disciplines, we decided to allow more space for the yogic side of this practice using the traditional elements of yoga in order to bring the flying (or basing) experience to an hgiher level.


What will we do:

As always, a video speaks more than a thousand words ...

AcroYoga Retreat ritiro

We will practice a lot! We will have short but very interesting moments in which we study the technical and theorical principles in fun, and exciting and long practice sessions. We will practice thus very consciously through continuous insights that will allow you to fully understand why certain principles apply better than others, how to apply it and what to expect as a result. Always we will check together if the applied techniques are clear to make sure tha you will be able to take home a wealth of knowledge gained through practical experience and study of details.

Together we will determine what your level of practice is so that you may follow the program best suited to you, then:

If you're starting (entry-level practitioner or your first experience):

You will learn in a precise and clean way all the basic techniques, namely the positions and fundamental transitions and you will be able to perform the first sequences of AcroYoga (vinyasa) effortlessly, with the alignments and the right setting.

If you are at an intermediate level (you have therefore already practiced the basic program AcroYoga):

In this retreat you can complete and refine all positions and intermediate transitions avoiding common errors and start learning the first elements of advanced practice. You can then take home complete sequences that include foundations, intermediate and some advanced poses and transitions.

If you have already completed the intermediate program, and are already practicing part of the advanced level:

Well ... then you'll do a lot of exciting stuff! We will bring the practice at the top keeping the focus on the principles that make it very yogic, deep and effortless. We will study the advanced washing machines (fragments of loop sequences) that will allow you to build very fun and challenging sequences.

But will we always be divided?

No! There will be also times when we will practice all together (basic, intermediate and advance) creating a wonderful group energy. As it will be creating a feast rich of exciting moments!


Look the Video of our last Immersion! (During Halloween)

AcroYoga immersion halloween

Download from here the daily schedule

programa acroyoga teacher training

But... I have to do all five days?

Obviously it would be better, especially if you're training to become a teacher. But if for any reasons you can't not follow all the immersion, you can also participate just in a part of it: for instance the weekend or even a single day. Below you can find details about the different options and their costs.

What will i bring back home?

  • The foundations of the method "C.A.L.M." developed by Jacopo to refine and clean up your technique
    The secrets that make the preactice light and deep 
    Special transitions that help you understand the dynamics of effortless movement in flight
    New in-flight positions: AcroAsana
    Preparatory exercises that speed the learning process, saving you time in learning transitions and alignments
    AcroYoga sequences developed on the basis of the real benefits that the practice can give
    Didactic sequences usefull to refine the steps of vinyasa in flight
    Vinyasa (Washing Machines) that improve your fluency in the transitions.

At the end of the course (only if you complete the 5 days) you can request a certificate of participation


For whom is this retreat?

  • To those who wish to learn or improve the deepening of AcroYoga
    To those who want to make a smart and healthy holiday
    To those who want to make new friends in a fun and introspective environment at the same time
    To those who always search for something new and exciting


For whom is not?

Really hard to say ... but in general:

If you do not love to do a physical practice
If you do not like being with people, so many people
If you do not like eating Vegan (for five days in a row!)
If you do not like to throw yourself the game and grow while having fun
If you do not like yoga

Immersion fees and costs:

Costi Corso Insegnanti AcroYoga Teacher Training

Fees for the whole retreat (food and lodging EXCLUDED):

  • Early Birds 

Before 7 march: 297 Euro (243,44 + vat 22%)

  • Stoned Birds ;-) 

After 7 march350 Euro (286,89 + vat 22%)

Other solutions:

  • One full day: 90 Euro including vat (7.00 - 22.30)
  • Half day 50 Euro including vat (morning or afternoon)
  • Weekend: 210 Euro including vat (friday afternoon, saturday and sunday)

Food and lodging:

160 euro for the whole immersion (no taxes needed here :-)

This fee (40 euro per day) must be payed in cash at the ashram (No Bancomat) and include three vegan meals and night accomodation.


Truly... is this really a cool experince?

Look at this video with the testimonials... (only in italian... sorry)

testimonianze acroyoga italia


What kind of environment should I expect?

We work in a relaxed and fun atmosphere but we try to go in depth with the experiences that this practice can give.

So expect a climate that alternates moments of games in introspective moments, moments of celebration in meditative moments.

Sometimes we practice blindfolded or with the eyes closed and at certain moments the AcroYoga sequences will be guided as an asana class where silence reigns supreme to allow for expansion of awareness through subtle ways.

At other times the game will take the upper hand to give space to our inner child making him free to express in a cheerful context and non judgmental attitude :-)

Chi guiderĂ  il ritiro:

  • Insegnanti
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    Informazioni sulla Location:

    Ashram immersion acroyoga

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