AcroYoga Full Immersion!

From Friday 27 October 2017 -  15:30
To Wednesday 01 November 2017 - 17:00



Six full Days for a full immersion into AcroYoga

An opportunity to learn and refine for an "effortless Flight"

This is a retreat for those wishing to learn, deepen and refine AcroYoga's practice through a full immersion in the company of passionate and enthusiastic people by discovering the most innovative secrets of this discipline in a gorgeous and engaging context.

Immersion is a kind of special retreat where you can devote yourself entirely to the practice of the AroYoga by unplugging everything from outer world and dedicate to study in a relaxed environment away from distractions and sources of stress.

We will explore how this practice can really be yogic to the point of making you fly very deeply!

After this Immersion your practice will be much more accurate and practicing AcroYoga will be even more enjoyable thanks to all the details we will reveal day after day.

This Immersion will grant you the requisites to apply for the next AcroYoga Teacher Training


Which level of experience is required?

Thanks to the presence of more teachers, you can be trained according to your level of practice and experience. In particular, immersion is the occasion where you can bring your practice from one level to another, so:

  • If you are at your first experience you will be introduced to all the basics and foundations of the practice
  • If you already have a basic practice you will learn the elements that lead you to the intermediate level
  • If you are at the middle level you will discover techniques to get to the advanced level

The beauty of Anukalana Inspired Approach is just the way in which the C.A.L.M. (Contact, Alignment, Leveling, Movement) method will help you progress steadily and clearly from one level to another

This was a challenge for us since after a first phase in which AcroYoga became acquainted in Italy with the growing curiosity towards Acrobatics of many Yoga or sports enthusiasts, we decided to give space to the most yogic part of this practice using many of the traditional elements of Yoga to develop effective didactics that  brings solid results right away without fatigue or losing time.

What will we do:

We will practice a LOT! There will be short, but intriguing theory sessions when we study the technical principles for fun, long, and exciting practice sessions. We will therefore be very consciously monitoring through continuous insights that will allow us to understand why applying certain principles, how to apply them, and what to expect as a result. We will always test together if the techniques applied are clear to be sure to bring us a wealth of knowledge acquired through practical experience.

We will try together to determine what your level of practice is for you to follow the program best suited to you, so:

If you are at the beginning (baseline practitioner or your first experience):

You will learn in a precise way all the basic techniques, the basic positions and transitions, and you will be able to execute the first sequences of AcroYoga (vinyasa) effortlessly, with alignments and the right setup.

If you are at an intermediate level (you have already done the basic program of the AroYoga):

In this retreat, you can complete and refine all the intermediate positions and transitions by clearing them from basic mistakes and starting to study the first elements of advanced practice. You can then bring home complete sequences that include basic, intermediate, and advanced passages)

If you've already completed the Intermediate Program and you are already facing or are already doing the advanced level:

Well ... then you will do a lot of intriguing things here! We will bring the practice up, keeping the focus on the principles that make it very yogic, deep and light. We will study advanced washing machines (snippets of loop sequences) that will allow you to build very funny and stimulating sequences.

Will we always be divided in groups?

No! There will be times when we will all work together creating a beautiful group energy. As always it will be a party full of exciting moments!

Download the daily schedule from here

programa acroyoga teacher training


This Immersion will take place during Halloween, so...


 AcroYoga immersion halloween

What will i get by attending this retreat?

  • The foundations of C.A.L.M. developed by Jacopo to refine and clean up your technique
  • The secrets that make the practice light and profound
  • Special Transitions that help you understand the dynamics of flying motion
  • New flight positions: AcroAsana
  • Advance exercises that speed up learning by saving you time in learning transitions and alignments
  • AcroYoga sequences developed based on the real benefits that practice can give
  • Didactic sequences that perfect the passages of vinyasa in flight Vinyasa (Washing Machines) that release your fluidity in transitions.

At the end of the course (only if you complete the 6 days) you can apply for a certificate of participation

For whom is this retreat?

  • For those who wish to learn to deepen or perfect the acroyoga
  • For those who want to make an intelligent and healthy holiday
  • For those who want to make new friends in a fun and deep environment at the same time
  • For those who are always looking for something new and engaging

For whom is not?

Hard to say ... but in general:

  • If you do not like doing a physical exercise
  • If you do not like being with people, so many people
  • If you do not like to eat vegan (for five days in a row!)
  • If you do not like to play and grow enjoy yourself
  • If you do not like retreats

Costs of the Immersion:

All retrea fees (food and lodging excluded):

  • Early Birds ;-)

Up to 30 September: 321 Euro (263,11 + vat al 22%)

  • Stoned Birds ;-)

After 30 September: 397 Euro (325,41 + vat al 22%)

Daily fees:

  • One full day: 90 Euro (vat included)  7.00 - 22.30
  • Half day 50 Euro (vat included)  7.00 - 13.00 or dalle 15.30 - 22.30
  • Weekend: 210 Euro (vat included) (friday afternoon, saturday, sunday)

Food and lodging:

If you want to stay at the Villa Vrindavana Ashram it is necessary to book food and accommodation separately. Just book your place in the course you will receive an email with instructions to book the place in Villa.

Depending on the type of room you are required to go from 40 to 52 euros per day for food and full board accommodation (one night and three vegan meals)

This fee is paid directly to the Villa Secretariat and includes the bed plus three vegan meals.

See the testimonials here

testimonianze acroyoga italia

What kind of environment should i expect?

We work in a relaxed and fun atmosphere but we try to go deep with the experiences that this practice can give.

So expect a balance between moments of playfulness and introspective moments, celebrative moments and meditative moments.

Sometimes we will be blindfolded or closed eyes and at some point the AcroYoga sequences will be guided as an asana class where silence reigns over to allow the expansion of awareness through subtle alignments.

At other times the game will take the lead to give space to our inner child making it free to express themselves in a cheerful and non-judgmental context :-)

Chi guiderà il ritiro:

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    Informazioni sulla Location:

    Ashram immersion acroyoga

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